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Jewelry care

In order to make your jewelry last in time and maintain their beautiful look:

Treat your jewelry carefully, clean them with a dry cloth regularly and always store them in their protective box.

Do not wear your jewelry while taking a bath, while sleeping or while exercising.

We recommend that you wear your jewelry as soon as you complete your look so as to avoid contact with: perfume, cream, hairspray or lotion.

Do not expose your jewelry to water or moisture. Avoid storing them in the bathroom area, as well as their contact with substances such as: sulfur, chlorine, salt and the skin’s acidic pH.

Do not expose your jewelry to cleaning chemicals as they can alter them or change their color.

Prefer airtight containers for storing your jewelry so that they are protected from moisture and the air. The jewelry shall be stored away from sunlight and heat, in a protective box.

Some materials, such as brass (faux) require special care and constant cleaning after each use. There is a chance that this specific material may be oxidized when in contact with water, sweat, perfume, lotion or even if with just bare skin and it may lose its shine. Also, the skin’s pH is different from one person to another, a fact that makes brass extremely sensitive to some skins and accelerates its oxidation time.  The use of sanitizers is not recommended while wearing the jewelry as their color may be altered. To avoid such oxidations, we suggest the purchase of stainless jewelry, which are resistant to the above.

Remark: Kindly check the material before you purchase each jewel so as to make sure that it does not cause allergies to your skin or alterations. Hadra Jewels does not cover a guarantee in case of oxidation of each jewel.