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Return Policy

If you wish to return your order in part or in full, this can be made within 3 working days upon the date of its receipt. In case more than 3 days upon the delivery have passed, unfortunately, we cannot proceed with the change for whatever reason.

Kindly do not return your parcel before contacting us at

For hygiene reasons you cannot return earrings.

Refund is not possible.

If you wish to change your product with another one, please contact us via email at or in our Instagram page @hadra_jewels . Upon agreement, we will send you the jewel of your choice. In this case, the shipping cost is borne by the customer (3).

In order for the return to be accepted, the product must be in excellent condition and nothing should be missing from its package. As soon as the quality check is completed and no wear is detected, we will send you the new product. Any indication that the product has been used, cancels out the possibility of change.

Until the moment the product is delivered to us, it is under your responsibility and therefore it is important that you ensure its safe transfer so as to prevent possible damages and as a result the inability of its return.

Product changes are done "hand to hand". You inform us in writing of the product(s) you want to return, as well as with which one(s) you want them to be replaced. We will send the parcel with the new products to your door by courier. You simply deliver the old package to the distributor and receive the new one.

If you wish to purchase a gift, you shall mention in the order notes that you wish for a gift receipt, which will offer the customer the time period of 10 days to change it. In this case, the shipping cost is borne by the customer (3).

In case you wish to purchase a discount product, you shall take into account that it cannot be changed or returned. We do not accept returns/changes in offers such as BLACK FRIDAY, CYBER MONDAY, 2+1, FREE SHIPPING and also in products purchased with the use of DISCOUNT CODES. We can accept change ONLY in ring sizes in this case.

Please note: In the unpleasant event that the product you purchased comes to you with wear and tear, please inform us immediately within the same day. In this case the customer is entitled to compensation.

For orders having Cyprus as their destination country, the time period of 48 hours shall apply, in which you must have informed us on what you wish. Nonetheless, we should have a personal communication before completing the procedure to inform the customer about the shipping cost of the change.

Kindly note that changes in products shipped within Europe or the United Kingdom are not possible.