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1.Electronic Certificate / SSL operates with SSL following the procedures mentioned below:

  • Secure data transfer between the server and your computer.
  • Identification and authentication of our website.
  • Absolute security from malicious users and data interception.
  • Absolute security of your personal data and card in every transaction.


How to understand that our website uses SSL?

To find out that you are in a secure connection, check the icon with the green padlock on the left of your browser’s bar having the indication “secure” or “ασφαλής” (based on the language you are using), as well as the “https” prefix in green color.
SSL certificates are provided by data protection and certificate issuing companies, which are called Certificate Authorities. These companies undertake the identification of the website’s data, as well as the secure data transfer between these websites and their users.


2.Security in the use of credit/ debit/ prepaid card

The processing, check and completion of payment is made in the secure environment of Alpha Bank, which provides all the safety guarantees for your electronic transactions. No data are processed or collected from

All payments made via the use of card are processed through the «Alpha  e–Commerce» electronic payment platform of Alpha Bank, which uses  TLS 1.2 encryption, with encryption protocol 128-bit (Secure Sockets Layer – SSL). Encryption constitutes a manner of coding information until it reaches its specified recipient, who will be